salsanor rueda congress

rueda workshop levels

We made some adjustments, hoping it will give us the opportunity to offer you an even better plan for the workshops, with lots of exciting choices.

We have increased the number of options for level 4, instead of using a level 5. At higher levels of rueda, we find that it is useful to divide between a general high level of rueda technique/tempo, and high level of rueda structure knowledge. Most of the high level crowd only hold an advanced level in one of these fields. Therefore, some of the workshop levels will have specific restrictions. This will be clearly specified in the workshop schedule.

Note: You may not be able to change your preferences after signing up.

Please analyze your Rueda dance level well before choosing your Rueda workshop level. And it may be wise to take into consideration the long break from rueda practice due to Covid-19.

YOUR best social dance experience and learning environment – OUR biggest concern. 

Organizing the SalsaNor Rueda Congress now 20 (!) times has taught us a lot. We are humble and thrilled that so many enjoy what we do and come back to join our Rueda Congress year after year. 

The secret of producing a good quality event, in our opinion, is always having YOU, the participant, in mind for every decision we make; when deciding on how many dancers can fit in each workshop without getting too crowded, on how many % female lead can be allowed on each level without risking a dis-balance on the social floor in the parties, when constantly safeguarding a good balance of lead/follow on each level… 

Now we offer equal lots of passes distributed on various price categories. And as earlier years, when there is a strong dis-balance of lead/follow or female/male lead, we limit the registration until balance is improved. This is how we strive to have a well balanced congress for YOUR best dance experience, every year. 

Welcome to the SalsaNor Rueda Congress!


Level 2 – IMPROVER


  • I can dance the main part of the ruedastandard figures, and most of the intermediate figures (follow the links for names and videos of the figures)
  • I am confident in my dance technique in the core Cuban dance figures, such as vacilala and sombrero.
  • As a man/leader, I have no difficulty dancing several commands in a row without basic steps (guapea) in between.
  • As a women/follower, I am fully capable of dancing figures not led by the man such as patineta and mujeres derecha.
  • I have no difficulty dancing to both slow and fast music

Level 4 – ADVANCED

  • I have a good and confident dance technique, and Cuban body movement is a part of my casino/rueda-dancing.
  • I am experienced in leading / following, and I can also improvise in leading / following.
  • I learn fast, and I need few repetitions when learning new moves and patterns.
  • I can keep the flow of a Rueda, also in sequences of rueda commands without basic steps in between, and to up-tempo music.
  • I know all of the figures in the ruedastandard well, in addition to many other figures, on all levels.
  • Some workshops will have restrictions to attend, f.ex. requiring a certain knowledge of a rueda structure, or being able to dance both lead and follow.