Welcome to Rueda PRE Congress

Welcome to a 4 hr Rueda bootcamp, allowing us to go in-depth into the selected Rueda de Casino themes. It includes warm-up and resumé at the end.

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PRE-congress programme

  • 10:00 Registration
  • 10:30 Warm-up (20 min)
  • 11:00 Boot-camp workshops (3 hr)
  • 14:00 Summary (20 min)
  • 14:30 Lunch

Bootcamp workshops:

1. Rueda switch + Rueda calling

Rueda switch is a variation of Rueda de casino where the leader/man and follower/woman change role dynamically on command. Expect rapid changes when dancing.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


– Introduction/repetition of basics of Rueda switch

– Intermediate and advanced challenges in Rueda switch

– Practicing calling in Rueda de Casino and Rueda switch

Requirement: You don’t have to know switch in advance, but you have to know how to lead and follow in Rueda de casino. You should be confident in dancing at least these figures in both roles (lead + follow): dame, enchufla, prima, exhibela and vacilala.

Instructors: Noe & Diego

2. Rueda de casino, dynamic transitions and new development

In this bootcamp the focus is on new Rueda de casino challenges and dancing with good flow and dynamic transitions.

Level: Advanced


– Selected topics by the instructor (some previous topics in similar workshops have been Rueda caminando, Rueda avenida)

– Dynamic transitions between Rueda figures

– Improve your dance technique

Requirement: You should be used to dancing some Rueda structures, so that you will learn and adapt to structural challenges in the Rueda rapidly. You should also be used to dance technique for constantly moving forward when the rueda is in motion (often referred to as Rueda caminando).

Instructor: Sassan

More info about Rueda structures at rueda.casino


Sassan Ito

Noe & Diego


Eikenga 11, 0579 Oslo!

1st of September, 2022

NOK 500 / apx 50€

(Note that the PRE-congress is NOT included in the regular Rueda Congress pass)