Rueda Congress Fullpass

The Rueda Congress Pass includes workshops, entrance to the World Championship, all four parties and Friday Daytime Social.

The amount of available passes are divided in four, and when the passes with the 1st price are taken, the price will go up. First come, first serve. We will always notify on the congress homepage and on Facebook when there are only a few passes left, and before new passes will be available.

Available passes          

Single pass

Couples (per person)

1st price*  (40 passes) NOK 1700 (≈ €170) NOK 1600 (≈ €160)
2nd price* (30 passes) NOK 1800 (≈ €180) NOK 1700 (≈ €170)
3rd price* (30 passes) NOK 1900 (≈ €190) NOK 1800 (≈ €180)
4th price* (20 passes) NOK 2000 (≈ €200) NOK 1900 (≈ €190)

Rueda Congress Meals

  Friday Dinner NOK 240   ≈ €24 *
  Saturday Gala dinner buffet  NOK 475   ≈ €48 *
  Sunday Dinner NOK 240   ≈ €24 *
  Lunch deal (Saturday + Sunday) NOK 250   ≈ €25 *

*) prices in NOK (Norwegian Kroner) will apply, conversion can be found here: 

For prices and information about PRE Congress pass , please go to the Pre Congress page.

For prices and information about Performance pass for World Championship contestants, please go to

NOTE:  YOUR best social dance experience and learning environment – OUR biggest concern. 

Organizing the SalsaNor Rueda Congress 18 times has taught us a lot. We are thrilled that so many enjoy what we do and come back to join our rueda celebration year after year. 

The secret of producing a good quality event, in our opinion, is always having YOU, the participant, in mind for every decision we make; when deciding on how many dancers can fit in each workshop without getting too crowded, on how many % female lead can be allowed on each level without risking a dis-balance on the social floor in the parties, when constantly safeguarding a good balance of lead/follow on esch level… 

New this year is that we have 4 equal lots of passes distributed on the 4 price categories. And as earlier years, when there is a strong dis-balance of lead/follow or female/male lead, we limit the registration until balance is improved. This is how we strive to have a well balanced congress for YOUR best dance experience, every year.