SalsaNor was established in 1999 in Stavanger, Norway.
Today you find SalsaNor’s local dance schools in Stavanger, Trondheim and Oslo. SalsaNor is also organising national and international dance events.

In 2002 SalsaNor organised the first Rueda Congress, and over the years the Rueda Congress has travelled to different cities in Europe – and even in Cuba:

SalsaNor2002 Stavanger, Norway
2003 Stockholm, Sweeden
2004 London, UK
2005 Stavanger, Norway
2006 Oslo, Norway
2007 Brighton. UK
2008 Stavanger, Norway
2009 Havana, Cuba
2010 Vienna, Austria
2011 Stavanger, Norway
2012 Aarhus, Denmark
2013 Southampton, UK
2014 Stavanger, Norway
2015 Roskilde, Denmark
2016 Trondheim, Norway
2017 Stavanger, Norway
2018 Malaga, Spania
2019 Bergen, Norway
2022 Oslo, Norway

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