No, no, we are of course not changing the tradition where we announce the next host city at the Gala Dinner (although we are SO excited that we can hardly wait to tell you…!) But, there are a couple of new things regarding sign-up, and we would like to communicate them already now so that you may be as well prepared as possible when the 2024 passes are launched.

#1 The dates for the next congress are 12 – 15 of September

This is an exception from the main rule we´ve had for the last 2 decades, which is the 1st weekend of September each year. Next year, and only next year, it will be the following weekend. Planning is important for many of us, and since we know the date already now, we want to share it. So, get it in your calendar already.

#2 Priority sign-up with a SalsaNor membership

We have established an international SalsaNor membership for our non-profit organization SalsaNor. The membership is 10€ per year, and the Early Bird launch of the SalsaNor Rueda Congress passes will be available for members first.

This means that for the first sign-up period, only members can purchase the pass. And for the next period, and next price, the remaining passes will be available for everyone else, although members will always benefit from a members discount.

In this way, we hope to distribute the passes in a better way, than having all of the passes vanish in 3 weeks like it did this time.

So if you are a regular participant at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress, or think you would like to join us again, we hope that you want to register as a member, and get access to the priority sign-up with the early bird price.

A SalsaNor Membership can be purchased here (link)
(if you live in Norway and already have a national membership, this gives you exactly the same priority)

Being an international member, you will also get a couple of newsletters each year with relevant information about the congress.

#3 2024-passes will be available already during the 2023 congress in Madrid

We try to improve our routines each year, and our goal this year is to have the link for sign-up 2024 ready already at the coming Rueda Congress, and launch during Sunday 3rd of September.

The possibility of getting your pass already 1 year ahead gives you better time for planning your time & your travel. Additionally, we are physically present at the info desk to answer any question you may have about the 2024 sign-up.

So now you are updated and prepared for when we meet in Madrid in less than a month. Can’t wait to see you all!! ?