The SalsaNor Rueda Congress Meal Deal 2023 includes dinners Friday and Saturday, and  lunches Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is as usual our Gala Night with entertaining surprises during the meal.

For the dinners, there will be a variety of drinks included during the meal (for lunches, water is included and other drinks may be purchased).

Ensure your Meal Deal today at the cost of 1490 NOK (approximately €125):

Friday dinner

The Friday dinner will be our “Taste of Spain”-evening, with a delicious 3-course dinner at La Hípica de Trés Cantos; a beautiful restaurant that has been converted from an old stable. We have already received the delicious menu for the evening, please see the menu below.

Saturday lunch

The Saturday lunch will be a buffet with an assortment of warm and cold dishes. There will also be vegetarian options. Menus will be published in a few weeks time.

Saturday Gala dinner

Saturday will be our special 3-course Gala dinner, with lots of entertainment happening during the meal. Drinks are included during the whole meal. There will of course be a tasty vegetarian Gala Dinner option as well.

Sunday lunch

For Sunday lunch we will be served the typical Spanish paella, both with meat/seafood and vegetarian.