We are happy to announce that we have a few more spaces available for the Pre-Congress day Thursday 31st of August, a 3,5 hour boot-camp with some special Rueda topics to dive into.

There are 3 choices of Pre-Congress topics:

Rueda Technique with Sassan

This very helpful topic, suitable for all levels at the congress, reveals a system of dance technique and rueda technique to improve your orientation also in fast called ruedas and complex structures. For rueda dancers at any level, it is essential to obtain knowledge and get practice on how to move and position yourself in the rueda, in order to keep up when the music and/or the calls get faster or figures/structures get more complex.

Rueda Musicality, Interpretation and Calling practise with Luis

Learning how to interpret the music and using rueda calls and dance moves that correspond with the music, opens up a complete new experience and satisfaction in your dancing. Luis invites rueda dancers from intermediate to advanced level to take their dancing to another level, where you will be able to enjoy much more the dance using musicality and interpretation. This bootcamp will also include a section of calling practice.

Rueda Choreography with Reynaldo

For the advanced rueda dancer who would like a good challenge, Reynaldo has prepared a creative and dynamic choreography like only he can, using a wide range of Cuban elements and skills in rueda de casino. The choreo will also be presented during the party in the evening.

Pre-Congress lunch

After the boot-camp we have arranged for a super lunch in a local restaurant, for those who want to join in. All the participants of the pre-congress will be contacted for the lunch option once we close the sign-up completely.