A new lot of passes will be available from Thursday the 24th of November from 8 PM (GMT+1). As promised, we will launch all pass types at all levels, but there are only a limited number of Single Follow and Female Lead available. We therefore recommend signing up in couples.

Couple passes is the largest group in numbers, and it has a nice discount. We also urge all of you Single Lead to sign up early, so that we may offer follower passes also in the third and final launch.

We would also like to stress the fact that it is not possible to change your pass to a higher level after sign-up. If your level is sold out at the moment, please wait until new passes are being released.
If you are in the situation that you have signed up already and want to change to a higher level, the only 2 options are:

  1. Wait until new passes are released, then buy the pass for the level you wish to attend, and then contact us to cancel the first one and get a refund according to our cancellation policy.
  2. Hold on to your pass until registration at the info desk next year, and seek the possibility to change level then. There might or might not be a possibility to change your level, as this depends on the actual number of participants for each level as the event starts.

We hope you understand our challenge as an organizer that wishes to offer a high quality and well balanced event, at the same time as we want everyone that wants to join the congress, can do so. In our 20 years of preparing this international Rueda gathering, our biggest concern is to offer YOU the best possible social dance experience and learning environment. This means always keeping in mind how many dancers we can fit in each workshop without getting too crowded, and how many extra follower passes and how many % female lead can be allowed on each level without risking a dis-balance on the social floor in the parties.

Be ready on Thursday evening, and you will not be disappointed when we finally meet in Madrid, some 9 months from today!