With great pride we can present the first 3 headliner artists for the SalsaNor Rueda Congress 2023.
And a lot of more great surprises to come. Presentations of artists will continue during December and January.


He is back! But of course he is, being one of the most popular rueda teachers at the moment! Luis is an excellent example for the new generation of artists of our community: didactically perfect, sympathetic, well present as a social dancer at the parties and with a lot of time for the participants at his workshops. His joy and positive energy will not let you stop dancing!


Diana is another of the present ‘top notch’ artists that represents the next generation of Cuban dance culture, combining traditional flavor with a new style of Cuban fury. And boy have we longed to invite her to the SalsaNor Rueda Congress for years, not being able to, since she was a main artist at the Moscow Salsa Festival at the very same weekend for many years. Now she is living in Spain and is not longer attached to the Moscow event. Lucky for us!!


Reynaldo is one of the main, Cuban Rueda instructors living in Europe. He has been teaching at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress several times before, first time in 2012 in Denmark. We are thrilled to announce him as one of the main teachers for Madrid 2023. Get ready for some crazy rueda de casino with this fantastic dancer!

Be ready for the launch of passes, congress accommodation and Meal Deal from 18.11!