Sunday afternoon at 6:30, before the Sunday Matinée, we invite everyone to the friendly and fun rueda almazenada contest. Of course it’s an advantage to have joined the rueda almazenada workshop during the weekend, where you will get the abc of rueda almAZenada in no-time!

The rueda almazenada was created by Rueda Congress teachers Enrique and Meli (AZento School in Madrid). Their idea was to establish rueda dancing as a game, or a sport, with teams facing the same challenges in rueda and obtaining the same exitement as a football game (if you like football, of course). A match between two rueda teams will have all the components of the current sport: training, improvisation, strategy, attack, defense and a lot of fun.

We did a contest for the first time in Bergen in 2019, and it was just a blast, both for the contestants and the audience. This year we hope for even more teams to join in! A Norwegian team, a Spanish team, perhaps a Swedish and a UK team, and definitely also multi-national teams. No signing up before hand needed, just get together 4 couples and show up just before 6:30 Sunday 4.9 at the Quality Hotel Hasle Linie.

Make sure you join the rued almAZenada class at the congress. There you will learn all you need to join the contest. But, if you are the type of person who loves to go deep into the details, you may find a good chair and dive into the 89-page: Rueda Almazenada – Rulebook 2022 😀

It´s rueda, it´s a sport, it´s a show, but first of all, it’s a lot of fun! Sunday 6:30 pm at the main venue Quality Hotel Hasle Linie.

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If you are still confused and want to know what rueda almAZenada is all about, here is a sneak peek of the last rueda almAZenada competition in Madrid, organized by the creators,AZento school.