Grand Opening at Oslo City Hall for SalsaNor Rueda Congress and Wadf Rueda de Casino World Championship 2022

We are very honored to announce the invitation from the Mayor of Oslo to officially open our event. This is a very special treat and feels wonderful after a long two-year wait to finally be able to carry out this wonderful event that we first planned for Bratislava, but now being held in Oslo, Norway.

Those of you who came to Bergen in 2019, and was there from opening night, probably remember the astonishing opening ceremony at Håkonshallen. We are now bursting with excitement being able to invite all of you one again to a Grand Opening Ceremony, this time at the Oslo City Hall in the center of Oslo, with a Welcome speech from the Mayor, some complimentary tasty fingerfood and refreshments for everyone.

The Oslo City Hall was built during the period 1931-1950, and is beautifully situated by the harbour. It is an impressive building, with precious paintings inside. For those who want to have a short tour to see some of our national treasures, the fantastic paintings on the walls and ceilings, the Mayors’ guide will take you around the building towards the end of the reception.

In order to enter, you will need the official invitation from the City Hall. This will be sent to all passholders by e-mail within the next couple of weeks. You may show it from you phone at entrance, or print it. But the City Hall also needs to know how many are coming, in order to have the correct amount of food and refreshments prepared. We will therefore ask you to respond the email with the invitation, whether you are attending the reception Thursday Sep. 1st at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and we will make a guest list from these answers.

After the reception, our Opening Party is about to start at Oslo Scene, only a 5 min walk from the City Hall. We will walk together or you may very easily find your way using google maps.

If you are coming straight from the airport to the City Hall, we recommend the VY train from the airport to ‘Nasjonalteateret’ station. The City Hall is just a 3 minute walk from the station.

Welcome to Oslo Thursday 1st of September!!