Can dance help us through personal, physical or mental challenges?

A very dear friend of the SalsaNor Rueda Congress family, Carolina Graells Jmelnitsky, will be telling us about her experience on how she regained her voice through dance.

Caroline was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Barcelona, Spain, thus living in the US for more than 10 years. In 2013, Carol lost her physical voice for 8 years, due to a toxic work environment, bullying and many hours of stress.

After a deep personal work, one year ago she regained her voice again. One of the main ways Carol got stronger and confident was through dancing, her forever passion. Carol has more than 25 years of experience dancing, first 11 years of ballet and now 15 years of salsa and rueda de casino experience. The dance experience has taught Carol several skills that have helped her to improve her personal and professional life.

Many of us have found help and motivation having dance in our lives, both as a physical and social activity. What can we take advantage of the benefits of dancing, and as a tool to get confident and motivated? We invite all of you to this important and interesting Coffee Talk during Sunday lunch hour, and you are also very welcome to share your own experience or ask a question.

Carol was one of the core members at Boston Rueda, and she became one of the Rueda de Casino outdoor organizers in the Boston area, while living in that city. Carol also performed with the MIT Casino Rueda Performance Team, as one of the choreographers and part of the organizing Board in 2015-2016. She has taught rueda classes in the US and Spain, and she is fascinated and specialized in Rueda Structures. Carol has travelled around the world attending and organizing festivals, workshops, events, Flashmobs and she is known by being a Rueda International Ambassador between the community.