Do you enjoy learning NEW ways of dancing rueda, and at the same time have the competitive spirit? Keep reading!

New kinds of rueda is not all about structures. Dance Academy El Almazen de los Sentidos in Madrid, with leading figure Enrique Solla Charro, has created the sports version of Rueda de Casino. It has its own set of rules and regulations, and you can use tricks and advantages, just as in other sports.

This is a fun, informal and also challenging way of dancing rueda. You can learn all the basics of it in just one workshop, like the one offered at the congress on Sunday at 11:00. And be ready for a friendly competition in the afternoon.

What you will learn during this hour, is enough to enter a team in the first international competition of Rueda Almazenada 18:00 in afternoon the same day. There is also a practice room available from 15:30 for teams that wish to practice. A Spanish and a Norwegian team is being organized, but there are room for more teams (can be any mix of nationalities, of course) that would like to have some fun in good sportsmanship.

The winning team will even win a prize a part from the great honor of being international champion!

The competition takes place at 18:00 in the Sydneshagen Hall in our venue hotel Scandic Bergen City, same place as the Farewell Matiné will take place immediately after.

Do you take the challenge?