The official organizer of the world championship, the World Artist Dance Federation (WADF) and SalsaNor are proud to present the judges for the 3rd Rueda de Casino World Championship, all professional, cuban dancers:

Yanek Revilla, living in  Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Reynaldo Salazar, living in Lindau Bodensee, Germany

Barbara Herrera, living in Malaga, Spain

Erodys Castillo, living in Horsens, Denmark

Yorge Armando, living in Dresden, Germany

Supervisor and scrutineer of the competition on behalf of official organizer WADF, will be world known dance teacher and abassadeur of cuban culture, Esteban Isnardi from Uruguay, living in Switzerland.

The judges will use two sets of marks for each competing team, one for artistic merit and one for technical merit.

It is still possible to enter the championship and have a go at becoming the next World Champion of Rueda de Casino!! In a few weeks we will present to teams that have registered for the competition so far.