Welcome to rueda PRE-congress in Malaga/Torremolinos, 5-6 September!

  • 2 days of Rueda Boot camp
  • Lunch in Torremolinos
  • Trip to Malaga city
  • Dinner and Salsa night by the beach at Moliére Playa

Price per day (3 hrs): Nok 250,- (~ €25)  – until May 15th

Sign up for Rueda PRE-congress 

Sign up by May 15th to influence the boot camp content!
After that we will announce the workshop schedule.

This is what the boot camp workshop preferences look like by May 9th:

A workshop schedule will also consider the balance between lead and follow.
Based on the current sign-up a realistic schedule might include:
– Rueda switch (INT/ADV)
– Rueda lab (INT/ADV)
– Rueda mixta (ADV)

The boot camp workshop schedule will be published after May 15th.

Moliére Playa