Sign-up for the 16th annual SalsaNor Rueda Congress is at an all time high – so far. We already have more than 90 participants from 10 countries!

Female Lead is now closed
This year we also have a few more female leads signing up than before. For the Rueda Congress parties, with plenty of social partner dance, we also need to make sure to bring in the men. And we need your help to bring them in. To ensure a good balance between men and women at the congress, the sign-up for female lead is now closed, temporarily. If the sign-up allows, we will open for a few more female leads, but at this point we recommend teaming up in couples of man and woman.

We hope you will understand and appreciate our effort in trying to have a balance in the genders and the various levels, in order to give you another fantastic Rueda de Casino happening!

It is a returning issue the question of how to bring in the men. We don’t have a quick fix on this issue, but we know from experience that several men eventually sign-up, thay are just a bit late. It is usually also a good idea to talk to your rueda group / rueda friends and try to arrange going together and coupling up. This might result in bringing in a few more men.