It’s getting close to kick-off for the 16th annual Rueda Congress! 

Before you head out the door, here is how you avoid a surprise at the registration: check your email receipt from your booking, to remember your meals, your Rueda level, etc. Your email receipt should be sent from (the Norwegian version of noreply), and the title should start with “Ordrebekreftelse til “.

If you can’t find your receipt, please check if it was withdrawn from your bank account at the time of ordering, to make sure that your order actually went through. This is only to avoid any misunderstanding.

We have printed out the registration lists from the sign-up system, and if you remember anything differently than what’s on our lists, we will need your receipt (paper or online) to check it.

FYI: We will take a timeout from email during the congress, so you should not expect any email services Thursday through Sunday this week. See you on the dance floor!