Our artist line-up is finally ready!
We have several new names this year, and quite a few you will recognize, if you have been to a SalsaNor Rueda Congress before. 

Take a look at the instuctor page / DJ page / MC page for pictures and bio of the artists.

  • Osmani Segura (Cu/De)
  • Leysis Smith (Cu/It)
  • Moe Flex (UK)
  • Erodys Castillo & Tenna Quist (Cu/Dk)
  • Knut Leiss (De)
  • Pablo Miranda (Cl/No)
  • Maikel Angel Oñi (Cu/No)
  • Bernt Rygg (No)
  • Sassan Ito (De)
  • Glesniel Pérez (Cu/No)
  • Yorge Armando (Cu/De)
  • Ethan Wagner (US)
  • Lisa Ask (Se/No)
  • José Baretto (US)
  • Dave Mahoney (US)
  • Kjetil Pedersen (No)
  • Marit & Udesh Anda (No/Lk)
  • Merete Thorsen (No)
  • DJ Patricia la Peruana (Pe/Fr)
  • DJ Maikel (Cu/No)
  • DJ Habanoloco (Cu/No)
  • DJ MaiE (No)
  • DJ Mariela (No)
  • DJ Flaca (No)
  • DJ Pablo (Cl/No)
  • DJ Tor (No)