We now have 140 people ready for Rueda Congress – in September!
More than 100 passes are sold, in addition to volunteers, artists and guests. So far we have people coming from all across Norway, from Denmark, Sweeden, Germany UK and the USA.

Rueda is more popular than ever! Two other major Rueda festivals in Europe announced sold out this year, months ahead – in Stockholm and Stuttgart.
So don’t be too late and miss out the Stavanger congress in September! We have a limited number of passes.

We are currently adding more artists, more programme and working on the first draft of the Workshop schedule.

Short reminder: Check out the hotel deal with the beautiful congres Hotel, Clarion Air. All the congress activity will be at this hotel.
Also for the local participants we recommend spending a night or two at the hotel, joining everyone from breakfast through the entire day until you take the elevator back to your room. This is where it’s happening this weekend!

More info on Congress pass