Dj Changui (Norway)

Kjetil Drønen Sunde, aka dj Changui, have been teaching cuban salsa for a whole 13 years locally in Bergen, mainly for the student group. And he is dj-ing at the monthly Timbanight, a dance concept dedicated to cuban dance and music that has been existing for  a couple of decades in Bergen. Dj Changui is […]

Glesniel Perez (Cuba/Norway)

Glesniel represents our main partner in Bergen, Cuba-Norge Dans, together with his partner in love, dance and business, Karina Hunderi. They run the main Cuban dance school in Bergen, Cuba-Norge Dans, where they offer regular classes and weekend events all year round. In Cuba Glesniel was dancing in the dance company of 1830, and he […]

Lisa Ask (Sweden)

Lisa Ask was teaching at the congress for the first time in Stavanger in 2017. She was raised in Gothenburg in Sweden, and has been a passionate dancer, both performing dancer and social dancer, for many years. The last years she has also been teaching, for SalsaNor in Oslo and at other schools. Lisa loves […]

Jaroslav Hluch (Slovakia)

Jaro is back this year! He is becoming a more and more popular rueda teacher, both in Bratislava, where he regularly teaches in the Salsa by Norika school, and at our congress and other international dance events. He has been teaching Rueda de casino for more than 7 years now, and has an eye for […]

Live concert: Rene Alvarez y su Cuban Combination

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of SalsaNor this year, and we want to celebrate it with all of you during the Rueda Congress! Our birthday gift to share with you, is a live salsa concert with one of the most prestigious, cuban salsa bands in Europe at the moment, Rene Alvarez y su Cuban […]

DJ Mojito (Norway)

DJ Mojito has been mixing timba and other latin rhythms for 16 (!) years, at a great number of festivals and clubs in Norway and abroad. In Norway he has been djing among others at the Nordic Salsa Experience and SalsaNor Rueda Congress. Abroad he has been djing several times at the Croatian salsa festival […]

Dj Charanga (Norway)

Located in Bergen, Dj Charanga (aka Eirik Storebø) starting dancing Cuban salsa in 2002. Later he established Timba Night for the dance community in Bergen; a monthly club night with Cuban salsa and timba from September 2006. Currently he plays monthly on Timba Night with DJs Changui and Mojito, and he has also played at […]

Cristian Mauricio Vera Nuñez (Chile / Spain)

This artist has been crossing the old continent for years, winning triumphs on the dance floor: Sub-champion at Buscando al Rumbero (Columbia) 2012 and 2013, at the International Festival of Guaguancó Afro-Cubano, in Barcelona and European Champion Rueda Festival Stuttgart 2014 (Germany). The latter with the dance group Tim Manana, world runner-up in the rueda […]

Christian Coelho (Brasil)

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Christian dedicates his life to health and wellbeing through yoga and dance. In 2011 he moved to England and it was in London where he started dancing salsa, falling in love with Rueda de Casino. After being a performer of the group Rueda del Mundo (RDM), which provided […]

Kristian Ackermann (Norway)

Kristian is one of the instructors for SalsaNors regular dance classes in Oslo. He has been a social dancer for many years before he started teaching, and is the most patient and dedicated teacher, much appreciated by the students. Kristian is also a salsa dj, he was one of the congress dj´s at the 2016-edition […]