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Professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who comes from Havana, Cuba. She studied at several dance schools, including the famous “Teatro Academy of Karl Marx“. Since 1996 she was a member of several dance groups such as “Doble Impacto“, “OshunMalé“ and “AlmaDanza“ performing at theaters in several European cities.

 In 1999 she settled in Malaga, Spain, where she opened her own dance school, and as an instructor and a promoter of Afro-Cuban culture she started taking part in international dance and cultural events. She performed at festivals in Munich, Nottingham, Miami, Italy, Budapest, Brasil, Spain, Stuttgart, Prague and in Slovakia; in music videos (e.g. for the summer hit  Aserejé by Las Ketchup and for the song My Turn by Martina Bárta, who presented the song at the 2017 Eurovision song contest) and also in a lot of commercials (e.g. Rigo Bacardi, Campbell Soup, Nintendo).

 Since 2009 Doris lives in Prague, where she has her own dance group “La Clave De Osha” in collaboration with other czech artists. She is currently focusing on spreading awareness of Latin American culture in both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic and Austria. She has regular dance classes in Prague and weekend workshops throughout the CR, Slovakia and Austria. She teaches for women and men aged from 15 to 80 years. Since 2013 she is member of the jury at the International Children and Youth Festival Pitagross and also she is in charge of the master-classes for the participants in the festival.

 In January 2017 Doris brought to the market a unique new fitness program AfroPowerFit ©, that combines the basic elements of ballet with aerobic exercise and elements of traditional African dances. AfroPowerFit © program is aimed at maintaining or improving physical condition, weight loss, body shaping, building strength and flexibility of muscles and improves body coordination.