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Presenting Bernt Rygg, or the SalsaNor Rueda Congress “in persona”. If you have been to the congress before you know why. He might even be your reason to repeat the event.

If you do not know Bernt, you should learn that he is quite dedicated to rueda and has been doing research on rueda and teaching it for more than a decade. He is known far beyond the Norwegian borders for the development of (started as ruedastandard) and of course for his involvement in the SalsaNor Rueda Congress since the beginning in 2002.

His workshops are often new and creative topics and ways of dancing rueda with new challenges, and very well reviewed by the participants. In rueda workshops he focuses on spending plenty of time dancing, and to combine figures and commands to keep the rueda constantly flowing. He is also finding new ways of using rueda in social settings.Basically, he is the main reason why many rueda dancers return, again and again, to the SalsaNor Rueda Congress.