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Please read the level descriptions and find you right level. You are welcome to also attend Rueda workshops on lower levels than your own level. Sign up for the level you are planning on attending for most of the workshops.

 Level description for Rueda workshops

B – Improvers

  • know the 40 most common standard Rueda commands
  • experienced in changing partner in both directions – arriba/abajo
  • recommended ½ – 1  year of Rueda experience

C – Intermediate

  • know the 75 most standard Rueda commands well
  • women must be able to dance figures not led by the man
  • dance to slow/medium/fast music
  • recommended 1 – 3 years of Rueda experience

D – Advanced

  • learn fast
  • dance to mid and fast music
  • know the standard Rueda commands well
  • rapid commands while dancing rueda
  • recommended 2 – 4 years of Rueda experience

E – Master

  • excellent dancer, learn fast
  • know the standard Rueda commands very well
  • know most common Rueda structures well
  • dance to fast music
  • men can call rueda
  • handle rapid commands, improvise
  • recommended 4 or more years of Rueda experience

N – Non-rueda

  • all the workshops except the Rueda workshops

Rueda workshops for Rueda level A – Beginners are unfortunately not offered at the Rueda congress. If you still want to experience the energy of an international Rueda congress, we recommend that you take the beginners classes at your local dance school, and get ready for Rueda level B – Improvers at the Rueda congress.