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Last updated 12 August

The pre-congress workshops will be at Inturjoven, the same venue as the SalsaNor Rueda Congress. You may participate in one or two days of the boot camps.

Note the Rueda practice/lab, a possiblity to meet, practice dancing, exchange rueda ideas, etc.
There will be music, but no planned teaching in this timeslot. Practice what you learned, prepare for Rueda switch: practice the most basic figures in opposite role – lead/follow (dame, enchufla, la prima, dame directo, enchufla p’arriba, vacílala). You may also try out new ideas, combine figures in new ways and with new ideas/structures.


You will find information and videos about the workshop topics on SalsaNor’s webpages: Rueda mixta | Rueda contrario | Rueda caminando | Rueda switch.

Expect the workshops to be somewhat exploratory. For example, ‘Rueda mujeres contrario’ is a new addition to regular ‘Rueda contrario’, where the followers/women change partners in opposite directions, not only the leaders/men.

Instructors are Sassan and Bernt. Info at the instructors page.



Price per boot camp day (3 hrs): Nok 250,- (~ €25).
Everyone pays for their own lunchesdinner, and for their own transport and entrance in Malaga / Moliére Playa.