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DJ El Toro (Spain)

Jose Toro is DJ Toro Salvaje. He has a long curriculum from dj´in the last 15 years in clubs and festivals both in Spain and internationally.
He has specialiced in Salsa, Bachata, Timba and other latin music, and during his dj-career he has been a part of the dj-team at El Picaro de la Habana, Kentaky Baila, Grupo Moliere, Atrévete, Muevete and more….

DJ H_Son Horacio (Argentina)

Horacion was born in Argentina. Already at 14 he had a great interest in music and curious about the dj profession, playing for his friends at parties. In 1990 he emigrated to Malaga, Spain, where he discovered his real passion, the Latin rhythms. He started dj´ing ´at the first Latin clubs that opened in Malaga, and since then he had kept the same passion as the first day. He plays all styles: Salsa, Timba, Kizomba, Bachata, Cha cha cha…but he has specialized in cuban music. So get ready to enjoy Horacios 25 years of experience on the dance floor during the event!

DJ Alexis (Cuba)

Alexis Zayas Garcia is a professional cuban dj residing in Malaga. He started dj´ing in his hometown in Cuba, Guanajay, in 1990, and continued in Spain from 2005. In 2011 he came 2nd in the national dj-competion in Córdoba. He is playing regularly in Sala Atrévete and Merecumbé, and is also a well known dj in various festival in Spain, as the LIKE Festival in Malaga and Cubanismo in Tarragona. He has also played at concerts of cuban orquestas like

Leoni Torres, Alexander Abreu y Habana d´Primera, Elito Reve  y su Charangon, David Calzado y la Charanga Habanera, Tirso Duarte, Los 4, Los Van Van and Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor.

DJ Vargas (Venezuela/Spain)

Franklin Vargas has been part of the SalsaNor Rueda Congress twice before, and he is also taking part in the local Spanish organizing committee. He has been working with dance, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba and even Zumba, for very many years, in Venezuela and  several countries in Europe. The last 10 years he has lived both in Spain and in Norway, teaching dance to children, teenagers and adults with lots of energy.
Franklin also has another profession, and passion, he is a very talented barber and hairdresser.
A part from organizing the event, Franklin will be dj´ing and teaching some of the non-rueda classes.

DJ Angelo (Cuba)

Dj Angelo from Cuba is quite new on the dj-scene in Malaga, but not new for SalsaNor. He used to live in Norway, and have been dj-ing at several SalsaNor events in Norway already. Angel is devoted to keeping updated on the latest tunes, and he is always focused on what will please the social dancer on the floor. We are happy to have Angel with us in the dj-team!

DJ Pello (Venezuela)

The very last addition to the dj team for the 2018 edition of the SalsaNor Rueda Congress, is dj Pello from Venezuela, living in the Canary Islands. His strong interest for dance and music has led him to become a popular dj with 12 years of experience, playing at the most important dance events on the Canary Islands, in the rest of Spain and even some countries outside Spain.
He has also been teaching cuban dance since 2005, and he is the founder of the international event Somos Cuba that startet in 2015.