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Tip: has useful explanations, illustrations and videos of the Rueda strucutres used in the Rueda workshops .

The structure workshops are marked I or II in the schedule – i.e. Rueda mixta I.
I:  You don’t need to know the structure
II:  You need to know the structure before coming to class

Rueda classes

Rueda new figures
Rueda figures selected by the instructor. See hand-out at the congress for which figures the instructor is planning to teach.

Rueda standard figures
Standard figures, mainly from (see videos of the figures on the website).

Rueda NEW standard figures
Learn the new standard figures from the 2017 update of the Rueda standard!

Rueda de la calle
Street Rueda, as opposed to dance school Rueda. Short fun figures to be used in a Rueda on the street or at a party, where the dancers might not even know the figures already.

Rueda surprise
Ths Rueda class is entirely up to the instructor. You might learn som new figures, or some other concept, or maybe even some crazy ideas.

Rueda rapida
Fast Rueda, with focus more on the speed than on learning several new figures.

Rueda command combinations
Combining Rueda figures/commands in common and unexpected ways. For an experienced dancer this is great fun – to try something you already know in a different way! 

Festival de Rueda
This is another class focusing on Rueda command combinations. Starting our with different applications of the “festival de…” command, and then adding various other commands and modifiers to make it more dynamic and fun!

Rueda por fuera
The wheel is turned outward, and changing partner is done on the outside of the circle. A fun social variation is to dance rueda in two circles, with the inner dancing Rueda por fuera. See video and illustration.

Rueda escalera
This is a fun Rueda game (“escalator”).  You have to remember all the commands, and for each new command you also do all the previous ones.
The escalera mode could for example start with “la prima”. The next command could be “sombrero”, then you do la prima and sombrero. Add “dame directo” and now you have to do all 3. And so on.

Rueda with hand signs
Using standard Rueda figures, but the caller will use the hands to give signals for the commands, not the voice.  Sometimes this is the only way to call Rueda – if the music is too loud.

Rueda dos parejas
Rueda in small circles of only 2 couples in each. This is quite fun, and even “dame dos” is a whole new experience. Experience wityh this is also very useful to move on to structures like Rueda llanta and Rueda torno.

Rueda con rumba/afrocuban
Rueda using figures from traditional rumba and afro-cuban dances.
Cuban dancers often include figures and moves from rumba and afro-cuban dances in their salsa. This is a good way to learn a few of these moves, and they can also be useed in salsa.

Rueda caminando
Rueda using figures where the cirle is rotating constantly, with focus on good combinations to make the dance flow nicely.

Rueda en linea
Dancing rueda in a line instead of in a circle. See illustration and more description.

Rueda contratiempo
Rueda danced contratiempo (on 2, the timing used in Son). Related to the music, in stead of dancing on 1-2-3 and break on 4, you break on 1 and dance on 2-3-4.  Very useful to learn, and be aware, you might be looking for Son classes afterwards!

Rueda de Son
In this class we are dancing Son, not casino/salsa. In a Rueda.

Rueda di•ná•mi•ca
Dynamic Rueda. You will be challenged to dance rueda dynamically, with non-stop commands, partner changes and change of direction. This is also recommended if you call rueda.

Rueda cruzada
This is a form of rueda with two different groups in the same circle, every second couple being in one group, and changing partner only within the group. The two groups dance on different beats, one starting on beat number 1, and the other one on 5. Fun and challenging! See video and illustration.

Rueda contrario
A specific command, “contrario”, is used in the Rueda. It means opposite. Every second leader will change partner the regular way, and the others will change partner the opposite way. Chaos? Not if you follow the traffic rules! See illustration.

Rueda con dos mujeres
Rueda where every man dance with two women at the same time. Quite a few standard basic rueda figures can easily be danced this way! And some other standard moves require a little ajustment to work here. This is even more challenging for the women than for the men!

Rueda trio caliente
A mix of Rueda with two women/followers and Rueda with two men/leaders in the same circle! Every second triple is one leader + two followers and the others are two leaders + one follower. See video and illustration.

Rueda llanta
In regular Rueda de casino couples dance in a circle. In Rueda llanta the rueda consists of small circles (ruedas) with two couples. There are two ways of switching partner – in the small circles or within the two bigger circles.
You should be familiar with Rueda con dos parejas and Rueda por fuera.
See video and illustration.

Rueda trébol
This is similar to Rueda llanta, but instead of small circles with 2 couples Rueda trébol uses small circles with 3 couples. You need to be familiar with Rueda llanta in advance. See video and illustration.

Rueda mixta
This structure mixes ideas from Rueda por fuera and Rueda cruzada. Every second couple is facing in , and the others are facing out . Like Rueda cruzada, it needs an even number of couples. First time taught at the Rueda congress! See video and illustration.

Rueda caleidescopio
You get Rueda caleidescopio if you combine Rueda torno with Rueda llanta and Rueda mixta. This structure requires an even number of couples, and you need experienced Rueda dancers. See video and illustration.

Rueda trébol infinita
Rueda infinita combines ideas from Rueda treból and Rueda mixta. You basically dance Rueda with two small circles of three couples overlapping each other.

Other classes (non-Rueda)

Cuban body moves
An important workshop for your individual development as a salsa and rueda dancer. You can never invest enough time working on your body control, timing and improvisation. Useful for all levels and suited for men and women.

Cuban arm/dance technique
Ever been envious of how the cubans, both men and women, move their arms so gracefully in the dance? Did you know that a lot of the arm and hand movements in cuban dancing is not only the arm or hand moving, but that the movement starts from a completely different part of the body. Come and get some tips and learn some tricks from a previous Tropicana dancer.

Cuban  footwork
This workshop is fun, playful and gives you a good challenge in timing and coordination.

Cuban ladies styling
Improve your cuban style and determination of movements. A very useful workshop for your individual development as a female salsa and rueda dancer.

Timba mujeres
Get ready for a timba boost! Timba is actually referring to a genre of music from Cuba, and most of the so-called salsa-bands from Cuba today, do timba and not pure salsa. Or they use timba during parts of the song, and then change for son or rumba-based salsa. Examples from popular bands today that use timba, are Havana d´Primera, Maykel Blanco, El Niño y la Verdad. And how do we ladies improvise and dance comfortably to timba music? Well, join the class and you´ll find out!

The Reggaeton music and dance is already widely known and needs little explication. The music genre started in Puerto Rico and is influenced by hip hop, Latin American and Caribbean music. Learning the moves to this music is great for timing and body control. Reggaeton moves are also mixed into Salsa dance and even Rueda de Casino.

The cuban Rumba is based on African music and dance movements, and in this genre the dance has a stronger relation to the percussion and song than the popular Cuban genres. Rumba moves are also frequently used both in Rueda and Salsa.

AfroCuban body isolation
Very useful as body movement class and a great work-out session!
This is a signature-class of Osmani Segura and we highly recommend it!

Salsa suelta
Salsa withoutout a partner. In this class you wil have the oportunity to work on correct movements, the right technique for different cuban steps and how to use your dance space on the floor, also related to and useful for Rueda de Casino.

A new dance was launched at the Rueda Congress in 2015! You dance Ábaco with Cuban dance figures on a line and without a partner, and inside a Rueda, following the rueda commands. See description and video.

Bachata footwork
Footwork is essential in the Dominican bachata. Learn to play with the music, challenge your coordination and get some new, brilliant steps to improvise and impress your partner.

An important lecture about understanding the music and how to respond to it in the dance. Crucial elements are pointed out, salsa secrets are revealed, and this will improve the way you dance.

Each day will start with a 20 minute warm-up, to prepare for a day full of dance. The warm-up will start on time, with or without you, so try to be on time.

Yoga strech
Treat your body nicely after a full day of workshops.

Practice room
Whenever there are class rooms with no planned class, feel free to gather some other rueda dancers and bring your own portable music if you want to practice what you learned or try out some new combinations.