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 Ricardo Martinez (Cu/No)


Dave Mahoney (US)

Dave Mahoney is a rueda entusiast, instructor and choreographer who founded the Eugene Casineros, a community based social dance group that has hosted weekly social ruedas since early 2008. The performance group presented at the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival four years running and at various venues in Oregon, USA. In 2012, Dave began teaching in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with the school “Encubate”, where, inspired by the Rueda Llanta structure, he developed a variation called Rueda trébol. He also came up with the idea of Rueda Infinita. Dave taught at the Rueda Congress 2015 in Roskilde, and we are happy to have him back in Stavanger!


DJ Patricia la Peruana

From Peru, living in France since 1990, …

she started as a  salsa dancer with the group Salsappeal. Until 2003  her group was doing salsa congresses in LA , NY, Amsterdam, London, etc. With her knowledge on Cuban Music as in my country I listened and danced this music since I was a child , it was natural to became DJ focus only on Cuban music since 2007 , I had the pleasure to be present on Festivals as Caribedanza, Festival de Rueda Epinnay, Festival Soy Cuba , Festival Aqui Cuba, Festival Cubanyando , Lyon Festival ,Paris Salsa Festival  and I was choose as  Dj  for almost all the groups passing by Paris  during festivals or parties : Los Van Van,  La Reve, Alexander Abreu HDP, Pupy y los que son son ,Maykel Blanco, Azucar Negra, El Nino de la Verdad,  Charanga Latina,  Mayito Rivera, Paulito FG, Bamboleo,Pedrito Calvo jr, Pavel Molina, Septeto Nabori , Leoni Torres, Klimax , Manolito y su Trabuco, Los 4 , Jacob Forever , Mayimbe , Los conquistadores de la salsa.