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Osmani Segura (Cu/De)

Osmani Segura is this year´s newcomer to the congress and a very structured and inspiring rueda teacher. He is a professional dancer, instructor and choreographer from Havana, where he has been part of several dance companies specializing  in Cuban Traditional Dances like Cha Cha Cha and Mambo. Living in Germany,  he joined a Hip-Hop and Urban Dance crew that has given him even broader skills as a dancer, and led him to first place at the German Hip-Hop Championship with his crew. In 2012 Osmani made his solo debut with the show “Vagabundo”. We are excited to receive this fast-growing star to the Rueda Congress in September.

Leysis Smith (Cu/It)

Leysis is our female newcomer this year, and we are excited to be the first to invite her to Norway and the SalsaNor Rueda Congress! She was born in Havana (Buena Vista), and her artistic career have been shaped through the Alicia Alonso’s national school of Classic Dance, then ENA (National Art school), and the world famous Tropicana’s artistic school, doing Modern, Contemporary, Flamenco, Afrocuban, popular Cuban dances, Jazz, Hip Hop… Many years of professional experience in cuban TV, theatre, touring dance companies before she goes to Italy in 2000, where she since then has worked as a teacher, a dancer, a choreographer and director of the Accademia by Cuban Danza, collaborating also with many academies in Italy and Europe.

Moe Flex (UK)

Moe Flex

One of the most inspiring and entertaining artists on the International Latin dance scene today! His great enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore, and with a personal touch Moe ensures every workshop is an experience, always leaving you wanting more..
Moe was brilliant at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress 2013 in Southampton.
We are very excited to welcome him back to the Rueda Congress 2017!

Erodys Castillo & Tenna Quist (Cu/Dk)

BOY have we missed this wonderful couple! Erodys & Tenna have been part of the SalsaNor Rueda Congress for at least half of the 15 editions, as main instructors and also as co-organizers both in Aarhus in 2012 and in Roskilde 2015. And we really missed them in our team last year!
With their brilliant dance school BailaSiempre they are one of the main carriers of Cuban culture in Denmark.
Welcome back to Stavanger and to the Rueda Congress, guys!!

Knut Leiss (De)

Knut Leiss

Knut started his dance career as a student in Scotland in 1998/1999. His devotion has always been towards Rueda de Casino, where he loves to come up with extraordinary topics and creative choreographies. Together with his performance group , alleMánn, he performed at the Rueda Congress 2011 and 2012.
Knut has taught at the Rueda Congress several times before, and if you like challenging Rueda topics don’t miss his entertaining and well structured classes this year!

Pablo Miranda (Cl/No)

Pablo Miranda

Pablo is a very experienced dancer, and an excellent Salsa and Rueda instructor. He is a SalsaNor Rueda Congress veteran, receiving among the highest ratings on our evaluation. Pablo dances Casino (Cuban salsa) and Cross Body.

Maikel Angel Oñi (Cu/No)

Dancer and dj Maikel Angel is a local newcomer to the Ruedacongress this year. He lives in Norway and have achieved, in his short time in Norway, becoming an important artist and organizer in the cuban scene.  Former dancer in the famous cabaret Tropicana in Havana. Today he teaches regularly in Norway and organize dance holidays in Cuba. Get to know Maikel both as a dancer and dj during the Rueda Congress in Stavanger!

Bernt Rygg (No)

Bernt Rygg

Bernt is the closest you get to the SalsaNor Rueda Congress in persona. He has been involved in the congress since the beginning in 2002, and has been teaching at the congress since 2005, always creating the most popular and inovative Rueda classes. He is usually teaching Rueda workshops with specific themes and is committed to work with the various Rueda structures. He is also involved in inventing new ways of using Rueda in social settings, like the Rueda Combo (mixing different structures at the same time) and Ábaco. Bernt is a key person in the developement of

Sassan Ito (De)

Sassan har been teaching Salsa and Rueda in Berlin for over 10 years, where he is also running two Rueda groups.  Over the two last years he has also started teaching at international festivals.
Sassan started dancing 30 years ago, with ballroom dancing. Today he is focusing on development of Rueda de casino, and has contributed to some of the new Rueda structures, like Rueda torno and Rueda mixta. Sassan is an exceptional Rueda caller (cantante), and with humour and great didactic skills he manages to teach complex structures in a smooth way. This is the first year that Sassan is teaching at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress. Welcome!!

Glesniel Pérez (Cu/No)

Glesniel is also a newcomer to the SalsaNor Rueda Congress, and a real street dancer! Born in Havana, passionate about dance since he was a little boy, picking up the new moves from the suburbs of Havana. Turning 20, he entered his first Rueda de Casino competition, and his rueda group was performing in the FClan video «Yo vengo de Cuba». Before moving to Bergen, Norway two years ago, he had been teaching at La Casa del Son, la Casa de Marisuri and was dancing in the well-known 1830-dance team. Today Glesniel is running his own dance school in Bergen, Cuba-Norge Dans, together with dancing partner Karina. They are also establishing their own local festival: Bailando. Glesniel is a great, energetic instructor and always in the front line of animation in the parties!

Yorge Armando (Cu/De)

Yorge is one of our exciting newcomers this year! He has recently moved from Havanna to Dresden, Germany, where he is teaching full time at the Kubáname dance academy. In Havana he was dancing amongst others with the dance company Tierra Kaliente (where his partner was Karelia Despaigne, for the ones of you who know her and remember her as one of the artists at the Rueda Congress 2011).
Yorge came to Norway for the first time to teach with SalsaNor in Febuary this year and we knew immediately: the Rueda Congress crowd MUST get to know this guy! So now you know!

Ethan Wagner (US)

Ethan Wagner is a dancer and instructor from New York, known for his fun, athletic style that combines rueda de casino and other traditional Afro-Cuban forms with the modern, creative movements of street dancing. In New York, he launched Rueda at the Park, which quickly developed into the largest rueda event in the city. He serves as founder and director of Ruedame, formed in 2012, which has brought its exciting, high-energy style to audiences ranging from Boston to Abu Dhabi. He has taught at festivals around the world from the UAE to Washington, Romania to Rabat, emphasizing the history of the dance and the music, and he has also directed Columbia University’s salsa program.

Lisa Ask (Se/No)

Swedish Lisa Ask moved to Oslo, Norway in 2016. The last years she has been living in Barcelona working as a dancer and instructor. She can teach you salsa, hip hop, yoga and more, but her heart is with the Cuba dance, and she has specialized in afro-cuban and rumba. Lisa may very well be the closest you will get to a blond, nordic cuban bailarina.

José Baretto (US)

Jose is the founder of Boston Rueda in Boston MA (USA) and the main instructor for Boston Rueda. He is dedicated to working for exchange of experiences and ideas in the world of Rueda de Casino, and he also founded the Boston Rueda Festival in 2014. Jose likes to surprise with his rueda calling. And to have fun, to think outside the box, and challenge you to improvise in the dance. Jose attended SalsaNor’s Rueda Congress in 2013 and 2014, and we are happy to have him back in 2016, this time as instructor. 

Dave Mahoney (US)

Dave Mahoney is a rueda entusiast, instructor and choreographer who founded the Eugene Casineros, a community based social dance group that has hosted weekly social ruedas since early 2008. The performance group presented at the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival four years running and at various venues in Oregon, USA. In 2012, Dave began teaching in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with the school “Encubate”, where, inspired by the Rueda Llanta structure, he developed a variation called Rueda trébol. He also came up with the idea of Rueda Infinita. Dave taught at the Rueda Congress 2015 in Roskilde, and we are happy to have him back in Stavanger!

Yuniel Vizcaino (Cu/No)

Yuniel practically just flew in to Europe from Cuba, for the very first time. He has worked several years in ViaDanza, one of the oldest salsa schools for tourists in Havanas. Yuniel is patient, uses a great method in his teaching and loves Rueda!

Kjetil Pedersen (No)

Kjetil is one of our greatest local teachers of Rueda de Casino in Stavanger. He leads several classes and Rueda practice groups weekly, including Ábaco. A part from working with the Rueda Standard, he is also very creative doing his own crazy Rueda stuff.  Don´t miss out on his classes during the congress.

Marit & Udesh Anda (No/Lk)

Marit (from Stavanger) and Udesh (from Sri Lanka) have danced actively since 2001. They started dancing Swing and moved on to Lindy Hop / Boogie Woogie and Salsa. From 2004 their main interrest was Salsa, Rueda and other Latin American dances.
After their first Rueda Congress in Stavanger (in 2005) they were in love with Rueda. They started leading the SalsaNor Rueda practice group, participating in the show group Compania SalsaNor, and Marit started teaching with SalsaNor. They were also guest instructors at the Rueda Congress 2010 in Vienna.
Today Marit and Udesh are very active in the Stavanger Rueda community. They are both instructors with Los Indomables and Salsa Stavanger. They also dance with the Los Indomables show team, and they have several active Rueda practice groups.

Merete Thorsen (No)

Merete Thorsen has been working as a grouptraining instructor for 20 years and has been teaching cuban salsa for 10 years. She’s been doing the warm up and stretching classes at the congress several years, and has been a part of the SalsaNor team since 2003.


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