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 DJ Patricia la Peruana (Pe/Fr)

Patricia is from Peru, and living in France since 1990.  Started as a  salsa dancer with the group Salsappeal  on 1999 until  2003 performing at salsa congresses in LA , NY, Amsterdam , London…..  With all her knowledge on Cuban Music already from Peru, as she had been listening to and dancing to this music since she was a child, to focus only on Cuban music was obvious when deciding to become a DJ in 2007. She has played at Caribedanza, Festival de Rueda Epinnay,  Soy Cuba , Aqui Cuba,  Cubanyando , Lyon Festival, Paris Salsa Festival  and the preferred  Dj  for almost all the cuban groups passing by Paris : Los Van Van,  La Reve, Alexander Abreu HDP, Pupy y los que Son son, Maykel Blanco, Azucar Negra, El Nino y la Verdad,  Charanga Latina,  Mayito Rivera, Paulito FG, Bamboleo, Pedrito Calvo jr, Pavel Molina, Septeto Nabori , Leoni Torres, Klimax , Manolito y su Trabuco, Los 4 , Jacob Forever , Mayimbe , Los conquistadores de la salsa.
Last, but not least, she was invited as the only non-cuban DJ to play IN CUBA at the first Salsa Festival organised by Maykel Blanco Feb 2016, where she played for an audience of 10000 Cubans! Respect!! To meet Patricia and dance to her music is another good reason not to miss Rueda Congress 2017!!

DJ Maikel (Cu/No)

Dancer and dj Maikel Angel is a local newcomer to the Ruedacongress this year. He lives in Norway and have achieved, in his short time in Norway, becoming an important artist and organizer in the cuban scene.  Former dancer in the famous cabaret Tropicana in Havana. Today he teaches regularly in Norway and organize dance holidays in Cuba. Get to know Maikel both as a dancer and dj during the Rueda Congress in Stavanger!

DJ Habanoloco (Cu/No)

This great Cuban guy, great smile, great energy, started teaching and dj-ing with SalsaNor last year. Born and raised in Havanna, and has lived in Stavanger the last 6 years. A part from dj-ing and  teaching dance, he is also a personal trainer and zumba instructor. Aramis has that wonderful smile and radiant energy, and we look foreward to enjoying his music and animation during the event.

DJ MaiE (No)


MaiE is one of the most popular and sought after DJs in Stavanger’s Latin-dance community. Her characteristic style is to play happy music and she is adept at reading the dance floor. She sees who is present and delivers what they want. She always has a large selection of music to suit all dance styles (including Cuban salsa, line-style, reggaeton, merengue, bachata, kizomba and other Latin pop music). She mixes the music perfectly and plays everything from new releases to classic songs!

DJ Mariela (No)

She`s back! The Rueda Congress likes to dig up good, female DJs, and we are happy to announce DJ Mariela for a second year!
Mariela is a great rueda dancer from Bergen, and has attended the Rueda Congress several times.
Mariela is mostly to be found DJing and dancing at USF-Verftet on Thursdays – the long lasting salsa night in Bergen. For the last five years she`s been DJing at the Nordic Salsa Experience in Oslo.
Mariela`s favorite music genres are very rhythm-based, and she especially loves Cuban salsa with it`s awesome piano breaks and rich rhythms.

DJ Flaca (No)

DJ Flaca has been DJing at the Rueda Congress several times. She is always heavily involved in organizing the event, but this year she has made time for her music dedication during the Rueda Congress. She loves the challenge of keeping the dance floor “caliente” all night, mixing new tunes with classics, mainstream salsa with hardcore timba. Apart from DJing at different SalsaNor events she is also DJing regularly at Cuban concerts in Norway.

DJ Pablo (Cl/No)

Pablo is one of our most popular Rueda instructors at the Rueda Congresss, but he is also a brilliant DJ! He has been DJing regularly in Stavanger for several years, and also in various latin clubs and parties in other cities.

DJ Tor (No)

Stavanger-based DJ Tor has been DJ-ing for SalsaNor several years and also previously on the Rueda Congress and other SalsaNor events like the Adalberto Álvarez concert in Stavanger June 2013 and at the Havana d´Primera concert June 2014, and the SalsaNor festival “Calle Latina” in Oslo  May 2015! Tor is an all-rounder, but has lately been diving into the Kizomba music. We will be hearing him in the kizomba room this year!